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3D scanning

3D scanning


Digitize or scan your parts in 3D in high definition

3D scanning is a method of contactless measuring the shapes and colour of an object’s surface to create a computer 3D replica with the purpose of archiving, modifying or duplicating it through 3D printing.

Our high precision 3D scanners capture objects quickly, in high resolution and with bright colors. They digitize objects of all dimensions, colors and textures in 3D.

3D scanning allows you to work on different media: a statue, a person, an industrial object without any size restriction. The resulting files can be processed to adapt to the final application: 3D printing, render, computer simulation, existing product modification.


Scan a person in 3D

Scan a body or person in 3D bodyscan


The 3D body scan refers to the scanning of an entire human body or a specific part. Applications range from entertainment to medicine.

Scan an industrial object

3D industrial scan service


Quickly capture an industrial object with a high precision scanner to improve its design and performance.

Scan a statue in 3D

Art 3D scanning


3D scanning in the field of art and heritage immortalizes art objects and offers modern access to the greatest number.

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